Basalte presents new finishes for touch-sensitive switches

    At Light+Building 2016, Basalte presents the new line of finishes for its touch-sensitive switches, inspired by the popular fer forgé. This new combination of precious metals in a trendy, handcrafted finish enables interior designers to add Basalte as a true design statement in their projects.
    Basalte is proud to introduce its new range of finishes for Sentido and Deseo. It is inspired by the popular fer forgé finish, which is hand carved and made in Belgium. The new finishes appeal to today's trends and taste, ranging from a subtle black and dark grey to the classic bronze and sparkling rosé finish.

    Lead designer Klaas Arnout: "Sentido and Deseo are the eye-catchers, ever since we launched them. With the new fer forgé finishes, we appeal to today's design trends, whilst still accentuating the switches' authentic and timeless design."

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