penthouse State of the Art

° 2023
Photographer: Christoph Philadelphia
Design: Reimann Architecture
Styling: Leonie Duetz
Featured products:
Sentido - brushed black
Sentido - nickel
Ellie - brushed black
sockets - brushed black

Welcome to this sanctuary of modern luxury, where smart functionalities meet impeccable design. Step into a penthouse where every detail exudes sophistication, from floor to ceiling.

In this curated space, Basalte's products blend gracefully into this smart and stylish home. The Sentido design switch seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, offering intuitive control with sleek lines that complement the interior's modern aesthetic. Meanwhile, the Ellie touch panel adds a touch of contemporary elegance, enhancing both the smart featuers and beauty.

The main space functions as a canvas of white Carrara terrazzo, cubic stainless steel elements and white walls showcasing the homeowners' prestigious art collection. A floor-to-ceiling "Cosmic Slop" by Rashid Johnson and works by Lucio Fontana and Wade Guyton steal the spotlight. Alongside these artworks, the collected vintage furniture by Pierre Jeanneret and Jean Royère imbue the room with character and narrative.

To complement the interplay of light and dark wood, the architects meticulously selected the finishes brushed black and nickel. The clean lines of the Ellie touch panel and Sentido switch in brushed black harmonise effortlessly with the dark wood panels. Conversely, the Sentido switch in nickel blends seamlessly into the fabric-covered walls, offering a discreet yet elegant touch.

“Simplicity, clean lines and generous proportions are elevated by the beauty of natural material.”

Reimann Architecture

In this environment where every piece tells a story, Basalte products stand out for their ability to merge timeless design with cutting-edge technology. They embody the seamless integration of smart home automation without compromising on elegance.

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