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Basalte Home: our new KNX visualisation!

At Light+Building 2018, we presented Basalte Home, our new KNX visualisation: an elegant and versatile app for the KNX home automation system. Through the beautiful user interface, you can easily control lights, shades, scenes, music, HVAC, cameras & more at the slightest touch.

Basalte Home is conceived to complete the Basalte user experience in a KNX home. Now, you can choose from design switches, motion sensors and touch screens that all share the same Basalte traits: great usability, beautiful design and built from high-quality materials.

Basalte Core
At the heart of Basalte Home is Basalte Core. This server is born from our multiroom audio system and makes music inherent to your smart home and comfort scenes. Furthermore, Basalte Core provides the visualisation, a logical engine, custom notifications and third-party integrations with a.o. Amazon Alexa® and Philips Hue®.

Basalte Studio will be the configuration software of Basalte Core: a powerful yet very easy-to-use tool for the KNX system integrator. Basalte Home will be available for iOS and Android. Our new Ellie touch panel will integrate seamlessly with Basalte Home.

With Basalte Home, smart home owners and system integrators don't need to worry about being deprived of size or functionality. Multiple Basalte Core servers can be added as your family and needs evolve, creating more users and possibilities. Furthermore, the system can be made redundant: when using multiple servers in a home, one can take over from another when necessary.
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