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The winners of the Basalte Awards are known!

We recently announced the winners of the Basalte Awards! These awards recognize the world's best projects that feature Basalte products and stand out because of their strong integration and exceptional design. The laureates were honoured at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany: the biggest lighting & home control show in the world.

The Basalte Awards give certified Basalte integrators an opportunity to showcase their finest projects to a global audience. It honours projects that boast great usability, beautiful design and high-quality finishes, all achieved by using Basalte products. With participants from all over the world, this year's edition was highly contended. The outcome accordingly highlights how globally our products are used, as there are Basalte partners in more than 60 countries! This year's winners are:

  • DJ House - HobaPlan (Germany) 
  • Nan Xuan Home - Henan Basa Intelligent Technology (China) 
  • Beau House - Sagar Smart Homes (United Kingdom) 
  • The Field House - FD Tech (Poland) 
  • OSNLES House - Life Emotions (Portugal) 

At Light+Building, all attendees also discovered Basalte Home: our new visualisation to take KNX-projects to the next level on all fronts: design, functionality, usability and flexibility.
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