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New iPad docks by Basalte are now shipping

At ISE, Basalte announced its new Eve Plus iPad docks are now shipping. These wall and table docks are made of high-quality finishes in a minimalist design. Eve Plus can be used for a variety of applications with iPads in homes, hotels and offices worldwide.

Eve Plus is an elegant docking station for iPad 5-6. It lets you magnetically mount your iPad on a wall or table, in any orientation, while keeping it permanently charged. Thanks to its minimalist & lightweight design, Eve Plus only adds a minimum to the iPad, making it the slimmest mount worldwide.

Eve Plus is precision engineered from high-quality metals in the same design and finishes as the Basalte luxury switches, thermostats and sockets. All key iPad functions remain available, so you can use Eve for a variety of applications in homes, hotels and offices worldwide. This can be home automation control, meeting room management, front desk registration, hotel room services etc.
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