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Basalte Core is the heart of your Basalte Home. This intelligent server is fast, reliable and specifically designed for the needs of luxury homes worldwide.

Lighting, climate, music and security are only a tap away.

the perfect match

Basalte Core works with KNX, the global standard in home automation. Seamlessly control KNX-lighting and more in the intuitive Basalte Home app.

Basalte Core hosts your personal and streamed music. It can also control your third-party amplifiers, speakers, televisions, streamers through comfort scene settings. Integrated partners include Spotify, Sony, LG, Pioneer, Yamaha etc.

just a tap away

The Basalte Home app combines an elegant user interface with optimal usability. Enjoy direct access to your most common functions around the house. Complete control of specific functions is only a tap away.

The app offers room management tools that are specifically designed for the needs of larger homes. This includes quick search functions, room grouping and user profiles with custom access to appropriate rooms only (e.g. the kids or house staff).

you're in control

Basalte Core offers a variety of notification and alarm functions. Security cameras and door phones are integrated in the Basalte Home app and Ellie touch panel.
Partner manufacturers include Siedle, 2N, Gira and many others.


Build advanced logics to automate various functions including lighting, AV, security controls, sprinklers, etc. Everything is configured through fast, reliable and versatile programming software for the integrator.

little brother

Smaller in size than his bigger brother S4 but equally powerful, Core mini has so much to offer.

Can be integrated with our Ellie and with many IP door com systems, features an integrated AV control and so much more.

Moreover, it's magnetic so can be installed on any metal surface. Clever!

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