The unique socket collection perfectly complements our design switches with the same dimensions and high-quality finishes: a discrete solution that neatly fits any interior, thanks to its refined, uniform design.

The sockets are available in 1-2-3 gang versions with earth pin or earthing clips. The sockets can also host USB and RJ45 outlets to freely combine.

Sockets for KNX by basalte



A single gang version is available with a type E/F, USB or RJ45 insert.


A dual gang version hosts a type E/F insert to combine with a type E/F, USB or RJ45 insert.


A triple gang version hosts 2 type E/F inserts to combine with a type E/F, USB or RJ45 insert.



The ultimate comfort is to conveniently control your home technology, but also to feel safe as you walk around the house, even when it’s dark. For those moments, we developed the Via walkway light.

Typically installed at socket height, Via subtly illuminates the floor to help you navigate throughout the house. It has the same form and high-end finishes as the Basalte switches and sockets to beautifully blend in any interior.



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