Seamless integration of HVAC systems with Basalte Home and CoolAutomation!

Do you want to discover more about the seamless integration of HVAC systems from CoolAutomation with Basalte Home? This is your chance: rewatch our webinar and learn to master the effective configuration of CoolAutomation devices. 

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Basalte, design for your intelligent home

Our mission is to unite high-quality design and intuitive smart home technology. We keep things simple and elegant, both in form and function. Our multifunctional design keypads, refined speakers and elegant iPad mounts reshape the way people live by making everyday actions easier and bringing true comfort to your home.

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Your home, at the slightest touch

In your Basalte Home everything is exactly the way you want. From lighting, music and entertainment to climate and security, personalise your home down to the finest details. The integration of all these functions in an intelligent and user-friendly system is Basalte Home, the future of the modern home. 

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