Foz do Arelho, Portugal

Majestic townhouse

Integration: Life Emotions
Tekstudio architects
Interior: love design
Featured products:
Auro - white
Eve - satin white
Eve Plus - satin white
Sentido - bronze
Sentido - brushed brass
Sentido - satin white
sockets - bronze
sockets - brushed brass
sockets - satin white

Like a phoenix risen from its ashes, this majestic residence beautifully blends the past and the present. Built in 1904, it was almost completely destroyed by a fire a few years later leaving behind only its walls. In 1960, restoration work began to bring back its original look. Today, this chalet combines its timeless charm with cutting-edge smart home technology.

The chalet project stands out with its exclusive and strong identity. 'Integrating technology in a palace is a complex matter', Joel Reis from Life Emotions explains. 'The varied high-end finishes of Basalte played a fundamental role in harmonising the modern aspects with the eclectic and art deco design language of the building', Joel continues.

"The high-end finishes of Basalte played a fundamental role in harmonising the modern aspect with the art deco design language of the building."

Joel Reis - Life Emotions

The customer's request for wall-mounted keypads was perfectly met with Sentido: easy and intuitive to use with a sleek design in high-quality finishes. This choice simplified control over lighting, climate, music, and scenes at the slightest touch.

'The Auro motion sensor was another great addition to the project', Joel says. This nearly invisible motion sensor blends seamlessly with the ceilings, serving as an ideal solution to activate lighting in corridors and various rooms throughout the house.

The integration of iPads was a key aspect in this design. Our fixed Eve iPad mount was installed on the wall in the kitchen, ensuring that the iPad is securely mounted and always charging. Ready when you need it! Also our Eve Plus docking station was installed to have a more flexible solution. Eve Plus allows you to take your iPad around with you in your home and place it on its wall- or table base when it needs to charge. 'Being user-friendly and flexible was a must and was constantly kept in mind throughout the whole process', Joel says.

Several finishes were chosen to match the different aesthetics in each room. In this project you can find our satin white, brushed brass and bronze finish. These high-end finishes perfectly match the architecture and interior design of the building.

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