Oxfordshire, UK

project Oxfordshire

° 2024
De-Draft architects
Katie Groves interior design
Integration: New Land Solutions
Donovan construction

In the beautiful scenery of Oxfordshire, this contemporary masterpiece embodies the essence of sustainable living and cutting-edge technology. With a vision to harmonise luxury and innovation, the homeowners effortlessly selected our smart home products as the perfect complement.

At the heart of this project lies a commitment to creating not just a home, but a sanctuary for entertainment, convenience and personal expression. To fulfill this vision, the integration of advanced home automation was essential.

Our Core Plus server is the beating heart of this intelligent home, orchestrating the seamless operation of different devices and systems. The Asano multi-room audio system delivers high-quality sound, this way the homeowners can enjoy crystal-clear music in every room of their home.

Our Sentido keypads offer intuitive control of lights, shades, music and scenes to create the perfect atmosphere at the slightest touch. Our Ellie touch displays serve as a refined and user-friendly interface, allowing homeowners to effortlessly interact with their smart home ecosystem. The Auro motion sensor enhances comfort and energy efficiency by intelligently managing lighting and climate control based on occupancy.

"Basalte's products in bronze seamlessly blend with the interior design of the residence, enhancing functionality without compromising on style."

Luke Newland - New Land Solutions

Despite the complexity of incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the home's aesthetics remained essential. "Basalte's products in a bronze finish seamlessly blend with the interior design of the residence, enhancing functionality without compromising on style", says Luke Newland from New Land Solutions.

Together these Basalte products empower homeowners to tailor their living environment to their preferences with unparalleled ease and sophistication, transforming their house into a haven of comfort and convenience.

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