hi, I'm auro!

auromotion detector

Auro is everything that a motion detector should be:
small, fast and almost invisible.

When mounted in the ceiling, the innovative flat design makes Auro completely blend in the interior. Only requiring an opening of 43mm, it is very easy to install.

Auro has a built in light sensor for light dependent switching, dimming and controlling scenes in the KNX home automation system. It can even behave differently during day or night.

The internal temperature sensor discretely reports the room temperature to the home automation system while it can also be used to trigger a heat alarm in case of a fire.

For some applications, it is useful to have a motion sensor in your wall: think near stairway cases with an open ceiling, in a hallway or next to the bed. The Auro wall version makes that happen and nicely blends with our design switches and sockets, as it shares the same form factor and finishes.

Auro motion detector for KNX is flat by basalte

Auro technical specifications

KNX integrated BCU
multicolour LED
white led integrated
temperature sensor
power supply
KNX buspower
power consumption
visible diameter 52mm - visible thickness 1mm
cutout diameter: 43mm
product electronics
auro KNX / 180-02 / 180-03
horizontal range
vertical range
lux sensor
integrated (only 180-02)


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