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Light shapes how we see and experience the world around us. With Basalte Home, the perfect lighting is only a tap away. explore

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Back in the day, we had one lamp and one switch per room. These days, new technologies such as dimming and LED have revolutionised how we light our homes. This led us to rethink how to simplify living with these increasingly complex systems.

you're in control

We believe lighting control should be simple, intuitive and easily accessible.

With Basalte Home, controlling individual lights is simple. You can also use comfort scenes to automate frequent repetitive actions.

just one tap.

A scene automatically sets your lighting to a specific setting with just one tap. These are designed for common situations like Morning, Relaxing, Away etc.

intelligent switch

Simply control lights, scenes, shades, music and more at the slightest touch.


Basalte Home works with the world’s leading lighting control systems.

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