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Adelante is our luxury door phone for Basalte Home. It has a modular design with different options like access control, all available in our high-quality finishes.

Your door phone is no longer a necessity. It is a design statement, perfectly integrated into your Basalte Home. The first look, the first moment at your doorstep. You know you have arrived at a remarkable place.

  • 5.5” full HD OLED touch display with super-high contrast
  • physical doorbell button
  • modular design with every option at your fingertips like a security camera, badge reader, fingerprint recognition and so much more
  • multiple cameras
  • installation on-wall or on a separate pole
  • perfectly integrated into your Basalte Home
"We now bring our sophisticated design from inside your home, to your front door!"
Klaas Arnout, CEO

acabados de alta gama que combinan con tu hogar

Adelante comes in all premium Basalte finishes to blend in with every interior or to stand out as a true design statement!

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