This was CEDIA Expo 2022!

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Thank you for visiting us at CEDIA Expo! What a great success and that couldn't be possible without you. We hope you liked our latest and greatest products and we can't wait to see them shine in your home or upcoming projects. 

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Eve ♡ Apple

Elevate your projects with our award-winning iPad solutions. Easy to use, on a wall or table and only in high-quality finishes. 

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Basalte ♡ Lutron

Upgrade your Homeworks (QSX) projects using our design keypads and displays. Our products are available according to the standard Basalte lead times, no delay.

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Welcome home!

In your Basalte Home, everything is the way you want. From music, entertainment and lighting, to climate and security, control it all with your Basalte app, keypads and design remote

Let's talk!

We know adding a control line needs care. We will get you started with demo gear and are happy to help with any questions you may have: call +32 9 385 78 38 or mail to info@basalte.be