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B&G Domotica
Featured products:
Sentido - bronze
Fibonacci - bronze
Chopin - bronze
Lisa - bronze
Ellie - bronze
Eve Plus - bronze
Sockets - bronze
Miro - brushed black
Miro Base - bronze
Auro - black
Aalto B2 - bronze
Plano - bronze
Asano multiroom amplifiers
Core server
Basalte Home app

We are proud to put one of our partners in the spotlight: the brand-new showroom of B&G Domotica, showcasing the complete Basalte Home experience. We invite you to step into a unique environment designed to demonstrate the seamless integration and control of audio, video, lighting, climate, access control and security in a smart and beautiful way.

"Our showroom is not a regular one. We designed several living rooms to make the choice for a system as comfortable as possible", says Bert Veldhuizen. It is more like an experience center where each product invites you to test its functionalities as comfortable as sitting in your own home.

Potential customers can control their music, lights, shades, climate, televisions, door communication and cameras using our design controls and Basalte Home app. Basalte Home is our user-friendly solution to bring all home technology together. It also gives the end user the opportunity to personalise its own scenes according to their needs and wishes. "Basalte really differentiates itself with its clear and intuitive Basalte Home visualisations", says Bert Veldhuizen.

"The intuitive products of Basalte embody the luxurious and high-end sophistication promised through their branding and communication."

Bert Veldhuizen - B&G Domotica

Discover our Sentido keypad, Fibonacci keypad, Chopin Keypad, Lisa touch display, Ellie touch display, Eve Plus iPad docks, sockets, Auro motion sensors, Asano multiroom amplifiers, Aalto B2 and Plano speakers around every corner. In this showroom, you can see all our products in a bronze finish but they are available in 12 premium finishes to match any high-end residence.

Also our Miro remote control in a brushed black finish is ready when you are. Flexible to take around with you everywhere around the house. Easily turn on the tv, fill the room with music or dim the lights. With Miro, your Basalte Home is at your fingertips.

Ready to go?

Visit the website of B&G Domotica for more details and make sure to follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook for more design inspiration and exclusive previews.

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