high-performance speakers

Aalto is a unique collection of high-performance speakers for exclusive homes. It combines innovative, architectural build with premium finishings and studio-quality sound.

magical sound

Aalto active speakers combine cutting-edge technology with our high-end multiroom audio system. Go the extra mile and add that powerful bass with our matching subwoofer. Everything you need to create a magical sound performance with an eye-catching golden edge!

all set

Choose from our range of in-wall, on-wall or freestanding speakers and soundbars to create the perfect audio setup.

Effortlessly mount your speakers on a cabinet or on the ground with our Aalto stands. Customise your audio experience exactly the way you want!

uniquely designed to match any
high-end interior


available in a variety of top quality
finishes and fabrics

powerful active speakers, seamlessly matched to the integrated 200W amplifier.


Precision-machined out of high-quality metals for acoustic perfection.

one more thing...

Integrated Bluetooth with direct and secure access for you and those around you.

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