a day with Basalte Home

personalise your home to match the way you live


rise and shine

your home awakes with you

Wake up to a gently increasing glow of light as your curtains open automatically and your lighting subtly rises. There is no more effortless and relaxing way to begin your day.


seize the day

leave home without a worry

Time to drop off the kids at school and attend your first meeting of the day, no time to waste.

At the slightest touch of your Fibonacci keypad you activate the scene 'Away' which turns off all lights, music,... No need to worry that you left any lights on upstairs, easy as that!


you are in control

maintain control from anywhere in the world

Get notified when a package needs to be delivered at your doorstep. Talk to the delivery guy to tell him where he can leave it and open the gate to your home from anywhere in the world.

To make sure everything is ok, you can check your security cameras at a glance.


welcome home

relax your mind

On your way home after a busy day? Increase the temperature, open the curtains, ensure your home is perfectly comfortable by the time you arrive at home.



set in motion

By activating the scene ‘outdoor’, the pool shutter opens and the lights turn on in the garden and the pool. Everything is ready for you to take a relaxing swim.


relax and unwind

sit back, relax and enjoy

Ready for a movie night? Simply turn on the TV and dim the lights with your Miro remote control. Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!



turn it all off

First some reading in your bed and then you want to turn it all off with your Sentido keypad next to your bed or the Basalte Home app on your smartphone. Sweet dreams!

discover our design products

Control your intelligent home with our design products. They are made to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant, both in its form and its function. They come in our premium finishes to match any high-end interior.

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