Basalte Live makes working from home easy!


We are thrilled to announce the launch of Basalte Live! Basaltians from all over the world are now able to program and service all their Basalte Homes from virtually anywhere in the world. They no longer need to be physically present at the home of their client. No, they can safely stay at home while helping their clients remotely.

Logo Livekopie3.png

In times of crisis, it is important to adapt quickly and to help each other to move forward. With the coronavirus impacting Basaltians all over the world, our software and application engineers have been super busy working (remotely) to get Basalte Live launched as soon as possible. And they did it! 

This week we are gradually activating all Basalte integrators, and since yesterday the first ones started using the remote version.

Quite a milestone as Basalte users can be found all over the world and Basalte integrators also work on worldwide projects. Basalte - Corona: 1/0!

Stay safe & remember, we are in this together!