Meet Plano, our in-wall design speakers for the most exclusive homes!

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Plano is a unique collection of high-performance in-wall speakers. In a stereo or surround setup, Plano will live up to the expectation to create a magical sound performance while blending into the interior design.

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Your perfect fit

While Plano R3 is a compact and accurate in-wall speaker for smaller rooms or as a surround speaker, the bigger Plano R5 is our reference design and your perfect fit as a front stereo or center speaker.

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Beautiful design

Exclusive finishes combined with top-quality fabrics by Gabriel and Kvadrat from Denmark give you plenty of choice to find the perfect combination that fits your interior and other Basalte products.

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Impeccable sound

Plano speakers use the latest state-of-the-art technology to create an impeccable sound performance. Powerful 6,5” aluminium mid-woofers, AMT ribbon tweeter and so much more. Discover the wonderful world of Plano here.

Any questions? 

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