Now available: Eve and Eve Plus for iPad 10.2"

Eve 10.2_mailchimp.jpg

Our Eve and Eve Plus iPad mounts and docks are now also available for Apple's 7th generation iPad 10.2"! 

Precision-machined from high-quality metals, Eve keeps your iPad securely mounted yet permanently charged: ready to control Basalte Home lighting, music and more! Thanks to its minimalist & lightweight design, Eve only adds the bare minimum to the iPad, making it the slimmest mount worldwide.

The Eve frame can be screwed on the wall in portrait or landscape, whereas the Eve Plus Sleeve can be magnetically mounted on its charging station in any direction.


Both the frames and the charging stations for Eve Plus come in the same design and finishes as the Basalte luxury switches, thermostats and sockets.


Eve and Eve Plus can be used in luxury homes, hotels, restaurants, boutiques and offices. This can be for home automation control, meeting room management, front desk registration, hotel room services, as cash register etc.

Read more about our Eve iPad mounts and docks  in our brochure!