This was Light + Building 2024!

Light + Building 2024: it's a wrap! We loved seeing you at our booth, where we guided you through our enchanting Adelante forest and showcased our latest design speakers: Aalto F5 and Rondo. 

These state-of-the-art speakers represent the next generation of Basalte speakers, elevating sound and design to unprecedented heights.

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We loved seeing you! ♡

Thank you for stopping by our booth! Your enthusiasm and interest mean the world to us. We hope you enjoyed learning about our design solutions and that our products caught your eye. Enjoy watching our after movie and all the pictures we have captured!

Rondo revealed, elevating your audio experience to a true piece of art!

We present a new high-end version of our Cielo speaker collection: Rondo, a new wall-mountable design speaker. Instead of discreetly integrated ceiling speakers, Rondo elevates your audio experience to a true piece of art. Going for a subtle setup or making a bold design statement, enjoy exceptional audio with our refined speaker collection. 

Coming soon!

Meet Aalto F5, when powerful audio excellence and refined design meet!

We proudly present our new flagship speaker Aalto F5. This powerful fusion of audio excellence and sophisticated design is a testament to our profound love for music, deeply rooted in our DNA. This state-of-the-art speaker represents the next generation of Basalte’s speakers, elevating sound and design to unprecedented heights. 

Stay tuned for more!

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