Adelante, welcome home!

The first look, the first touch, the most important moment to make a lasting impression. At home, everything starts at your doorstep. Warm welcomes, long-awaited reunions or unexpected goodbyes, Adelante is here for you and ready to receive your guests with refined elegance.

Basalte Adelante

Knock, knock, who's there?

Adelante is our new luxury door phone for Basalte Home. See who’s at your doorstep, talk to them and let them in using our Lisa, Ellie and Lena displays and our Basalte app. 

Sophisticated, sleek and only available in high-quality finishes, Adelante is more than a door phone. It’s an architectural design statement of your home, completely customisable to reflect your aesthetics and to match our full product line. 

We now bring our sophisticated design from inside your home to your front door, perfectly integrated into your Basalte Home.
Klaas Arnout, CEO - Basalte

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