Working for Basalte

Digital Content Marketeer

Your mission is to...

You are responsible for:

Content Strategy

  • You conduct research to gain insight into the ideal target group and through which channels you reach them best.
  • You develop the content plan and implement it in line with the marketing calendar and strategy.
  • You think about online and offline advertising and the follow-up afterwards.

Copywriting & storytelling

  • You create attractive and high-quality content for various purposes including landing pages, blog posts, mailings, advertisements,...
  • You align the created content with the Basalte values and style.
  • You optimize the content based on SEO (= Search Engine Optimization).

Social Media

  • You manage and maintain the various social media platforms.
  • You set up campaigns and monitor and optimize performance.

Content Distribution

  • You activate content through different channels to reach the selected target group.
  • You write and distribute newsletters and manage the marketing automation flow.


  • You work closely with the graphic designer to make the content visually attractive and with the product marketer to ensure correct, product-oriented content.
  • You share content with sales colleagues and inspire them to get started with this information.

It is a perfect match if you are ...

We are made for eachother if you...

  • Have a bachelor's or master's degree in Marketing or equivalent through experience.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of digital marketing and digital marketing tools and platforms such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, YouTube advertising,...
  • Are an expert in writing and storytelling.
  • Have knowledge of SEO (= Search Engine Optimization).
  • Have strong communication skills, both oral and written.

We see it as a big advantage if you...

  • Have experience in graphic design, video production and/or multimedia content creation.
  • Are interested in (interior) design, architecture and/or luxury smart home products.

What's in it for you ...

  • A competitive salary supplemented with fringe benefits: luncheon vouchers, eco-vouchers, hospital insurance, a commuting allowance and a collective bonus. 
  • On top of this, you get a flexible payment plan including loads of fun benefits such as bicycle lease plan or additional leave days! 
  • A brand-new office building equipped with a variety of cool gadgets. 
  • 32 leave days. 
  • Obviously we will provide the necessary support and training to help you in your job. 
  • A wonderful team of Basaltians!

Place of work

Place of work: Fraterstraat 37b 9820 Merelbeke. 

Ready to take on the challenge? Send your resume and motivation letter to and we will get back to you soon! 

Why Basalte?  Here you can make a genuine impact. Here you are valued. Here you can grow.

About us

Basalte creates design for intelligent homes. Innovative light switches, exclusive speakers and even a design app: Basalte Home. The slightest touch activates the desired atmosphere in your home. Music fills the room, the ideal temperature is set and the curtains close. A fine piece of technology that comes with a golden design edge at Basalte. Design down to the smallest details and handmade.
Purely Belgian craftsmanship!


Send your resume and motivation letter to and we will get back to you soon!
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