every room, your music high-fidelity multiroom audio

Asano introduces a world of music, perfectly fit to the needs of residential projects worldwide. It offers crystal clear audio in a comprehensive, flexible and reliable audio solution, featuring intuitive app and KNX controls.

Synchronize your own music with the system and enjoy the integrated internet radio and music streaming services. Play different genres in separate rooms or play that one great song throughout your home: all perfectly synchronised.

your music, always available

Use the multi-user music server and its app to play synchronised iTunes® playlists from a USB or network drive, enjoy internet radio in high-fidelity sound and listen to your favourite streaming services.
Additionally, you can connect any other music source to Asano: a CD player, turntable…

one app,
everything you need

The intuitive app is fit to your daily needs, ready to play your favourite music at any time.

Its clearly arranged interface and unique room management functions let you organise rooms by floor or category. Group rooms in a new virtual zone to control this area as it would be one music zone.

To top it all off, you can create individual user profiles with custom restrictions to limit access to certain audio sources, rooms, listening zones and alarms.

Deseo KNX control for Asano multiroom audio solution by basalte

A perfectly integrated solution for KNX systems

Asano can be used as a standalone multiroom audio solution with the S4 music server and M4 multiroom amplifier.

Additionally, Asano seamlessly integrates with KNX, the worldwide standard for home automation.

Use the KNX-controlled amplifiers and integration modules to control sources, tracks and volume with our compatible switches and Bang & Olufsen® remote control integration for KNX.

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system topology

Use the multiroom amplifiers to cover your total number of rooms and interconnect them with CobraNet for uncompressed audio distribution. Additionally, you can link any audio source to the amplifiers’ inputs or N1 input module.

Connect the S4 music server to CobraNet for more music services and the app. Add third party amplifiers to Asano with S4’s digital output or the A3 output module.

Control Asano with the app, compatible KNX switches and B&O® remote control integration BO.sensor. Use to control any other AV device with KNX.



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