Knokke, Belgium

Residence DVB

° 2022
Integration: Comf Domotics
Interior design: Dries De Malsche
Exterior design: Arttec Architects
Photography: Cafeïne
Featured products:
Sentido 2-button - bronze
Sentido 4-button - bronze
Sockets - bronze
Deseo - bronze
Eve - brushed black
Basalte Core server in Residence DVB in Knokke, Belgium. The home owners chose to live a life of quality in an intelligent Basalte Home. From lighting and music to climate and security, their home is personalised down to the finest details. They are always in control at the slightest touch of their design keypads. The ultimate home feeling! ♡

This residence is characterised by natural materials and a respect for its surrounding local context. The textured floors and stone built-ins resemble the soft shapes of sand dunes and the coastline. Our keypads and sockets in bronze blend in beautifully wth the soft, natural tones of the interior design. 

You can find our Sentido keypads around every corner of this Basalte home. At the slightest touch, the lights dim on, music starts playing and the shades go down. Press and hold to activate even more functions, this is our unique multitouch function. Personalise Sentido to your own wishes and needs to make everyday actions easier than ever!

With our Deseo thermostat, the residents easily set and schedule the ideal temperature. It's even possible to integrate climate settings into scenes and activate them with our Basalte app and keypads. Deseo is more than a thermostat, with this multifunctional design keypad you can even control lights, music, scenes and so much more.

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