Zwijnaarde, Belgium

Residence ZW

Integration: Wille Ronald
Baeyens & Beck architecten
Interior: Coelembrier
Photography: Pilar Shoots
The Art of Living
Featured products:
Deseo - satin white
Ellie - satin white
Sentido - satin white
sockets - satin white
Core server
Basalte app

Residence ZW is situated in a green and peaceful environment near Ghent. Its architecture appears simple and minimalistic, yet it holds much more than you would expect... 

Truly feel at home

With Basalte Home, the homeowners created a place where they truly feel at home. At the slightest touch, their home transforms into the perfect atmosphere: the shades go down, their favourite music fills the room and the temperature rises. The seamless integration of all these functions within an intelligent and user-friendly system is Basalte Home. 

In their Basalte Home everything is exactly the way they want. From lighting, music and entertainment to climate and security, they can personalise their home down to the finest details and control it all with a gentle touch of their Basalte app, Ellie touch displays and Sentido keypads. 

In your Basalte Home, everything is exactly the way you want. From lighting, music and entertainment to climate and security.

In the bathroom, our Deseo themostat is always ready. Deseo is so much more than a design thermostat, it has the power to intuitively control your home climate but also lighting, music and more at the slightest touch. It perfectly matches the relaxing atmosphere of this design bathroom. 

The eyecatcher in the garden is definitely the infinity pool. Ready to dive in on a warm summer day? With a simple touch of your Basalte app, you bring the 'pool party' scene to life: the ideal water temperature is set, the pool and garden lights transform into a soft glow and the ultimate disco vibes run through the speakers. Let's get this party started!

High-end finishes that match your home

In this beautiful residence you can find our Ellie touch displaysDeseo thermostatSentido keypads and sockets in satin white. They perfectly complement each other and the soothing interior design. 

Ready to go? 
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