Basalte Home: a design concept for the intelligent home


The Basalte Home concept entails an ensemble of switches, touch screens, iPad mounts and docking stations, sockets and even speakers, and allows you to easily control all functions in your home. Furthermore, all products come in the same coherent design language, which allows our products to seamlessly blend in the most exclusive interiors.

ellie vinger.jpg

Imagine, with one slight touch, the room dims into the right scene, music starts playing, the temperature rises and the curtains close. Ready for a cosy evening.

The integration of all these functions in an intelligent and user-friendly system is Basalte Home, the future of the modern home.

eve_basalte Home.jpg

Basalte’s elegant touch screen Ellie and the intuitive app on your tablet or smartphone lets you control all home technology. 

 Lights, shades, climate as well as security are clearly displayed.
Music is part of every room and a simple tap starts your favourite Spotify playlist.


The combination of the uniform design language with durable finishes like aluminium, bronze and brass ensures a timeless integration in the most stunning interiors.

Basalte helps architects and designers to develop personalised design concepts.

A sophisticated concept that stands out with high grade finishes and an unequalled ease of use. A concept that is future proof, as the system integrates with KNX, the worldwide standard for home automation.

Discover more in our Basalte Home brochure!