At ISE, Basalte welcomes its subwoofer to the Aalto family


Aalto is Basalte’s unique collection of high-performance speakers, designed for the world’s most exclusive homes. Aalto now welcomes its subwoofer to the family, adding more depth and dimension to the customer’s listening experience. The dedicated bass speaker just takes the entire surround setup to the next level. 

Aalto B2 perspectief.jpg

Behind its elegant and petite appearance (150 x 240 x 415 mm), the sub hides a tremendously powerful and rich sound.

Its 400W amplifier controls the 2 x 6.5” woofers in an impressive way, bringing all your music, movies and TV to life with stunning authenticity. 

The beautiful sub will be introduced at the Basalte booth at  ISE in Amsterdam. Click here for more information about our booth and free access to ISE.


The active Aalto speakers, including the new sub, are characterized by their innovative, architectural build and the variety of top-quality finishes and textures that fit your living room, dining area, home office etc.

Through top-notch Belgian engineering, they beautifully blend studio quality audio with your interior design language.

The speaker cabinet  is made of aluminium, brass, bronze or nickel, setting a new standard in speaker manufacturing. Aalto beautifully matches your interior finishes and basalte’s line of luxury light switches.

For the front cover, you can choose from a handpicked palette of top quality fabrics made by Gabriel and Kvadrat from Denmark.